Job Description

 A Host Home Provider is an individual or family who wants to make a difference in the life of an adult with disabilities while having the satisfaction of owning their own business.  Host Home Providers welcome a person with disabilities into their lives and home to become part of their family and provide the support and companionship they need to thrive.  With the support of Cheyenne Village staff and other human services professionals, Host Home Providers become trusted caregivers, friends and advocates for the individual  that lives with them.

As a Host Home Provider you can earn between $1,800 -$4,000 per month depending on the needs of the individual you support.  In addition, you will also be paid a contracted monthly fee for room and board.

Cheyenne Village is looking for Host Home Providers with a  background and experience for an adult with a dual diagnosis of Intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health and behavioral issues.    

A Host Home Provider must be 21 years of age or older, pass a criminal background and driving check, obtain Host Home insurance, have homeowner or renter's insurance, auto insurance and a business trade name registered with the State of Colorado.

For more information visit our website at or contract Rachel Wallace 719-572-7481,